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With this free anonymous automated service you can earn solid affiliate income payed in Bitcoins by referring traffic to any Clickbank product.

When you login you will be given a complete list of over 500 of the best Clickbank products with your own personal referral links that you can use to earn the listed commissions (up to $100+ per sale!) and you will get access to your own personal live stats page to view your clicks/sales/earnings info. You will get payed your commissions instantly via automated Bitcoins payment sent out each and every week!

You do not need a Clickbank account to use this free service and earn bitcoin commissions, you only need a username, password and address to create your free account here right now so this is a completely free and anonymous automated service.

Using this anonymous Bitcoin income paying service you will earn a full 75% of all commissions you generate on any and all Clickbank products you choose to promote.

You simply send quality traffic (no spam) to your unique affiliate links for the product(s) you wish to promote and sales generated by your traffic will automatically and instantly get matched to your account and you will be credited for commissions, then each and every week your credited commissions will be sent to you in Bitcoins to your .

If there is a Clickbank product you would like to promote that is not in our current products list you can still promote it through this service using the Clickbank product ID in your personal affiliate links, our current list of products is simply a recommended one, you can actually use this free automated anonymous Bitcoin income paying service to promote any and all active Clickbank products.

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